Curryliina’s Story

I lived in the United Kingdom for more than half of my life. Like most Londoners I became a great lover of curries and Indian food in general. It is estimated that there are more than 12,000 curry houses in England. This is mainly due to the close ties England has with India and the three million or so Indians living in the United Kingdom. But the English Indian food known as the “Anglo Indian” has its own distinctive flavors, even some of its own dishes. The Anglo Indian cuisine is known for its style of mixing British colonial cooking and spicing methods with traditional Indian. This is the type of food sold in the curry houses in the UK, the rest of Europe, Australia, South Africa and New Zealand

The biggest challenge facing an observant curry loving Jew is that almost every dish involves mixing meat with dairy products. After the aliyah we missed our Indian curry nights badly and from this craving was born the idea of finding formulas for proper kosher curries. It has taken us some eighteen months to complete some of the recipes, we are in great gratitude to our Anglo tasting crowd and most of all to our authentic Indian Michelin star chef Kuldeep Sing for his courage and patience to be involved in creating something he had never done before – making Indian food with no cream, yogurt nor milk – making it Kosher.

Let us emphasize that none of our products contain anything dairy we are strictly meaty the vegetable dishes are in principal parve but they are prepared in a meaty kitchen with meaty dishes. Our food is Kosher. 

About our head chef

Originally from Finland KaroliinaHakala-Kahalani, the founder and head of Curryliina’s has a passion for curry. A law graduate of the University of London, she chose food over legal work after Alyah. Trained by Kuldeep Singh in traditional Anglo tandoori cuisine, she converted the recipes in to observing kashrut with her own inventions and experiements trying to imitate the flavours as close as possible, but also adding her own touch to the food in the process.